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The era of Antiquity can rightfully be called the cradle of European civilization. For more than a thousand years of history (from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD), an unprecedented flowering of literature, science and art took place. The foundations of Western philosophy, poetry, drama and historiography were laid, mathematics, geometry, physics and other disciplines developed. Antiquity has become a kind of cultural foundation for all subsequent generations of Europeans (and not only them).

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The center of ancient cultures that emerged in the Mediterranean was fundamentally different. It appeared at the intersection of trade routes, in the crucible of mixing of peoples, in a mobile world, where the sea and land were constantly in motion due to volcanic activity, the coastline and the height of the mountains changed more than once. The word "antique" means only "ancient", but in the strict sense, only ancient Greece (Hellas) and ancient Rome are called antique. Each of them, in the era of its power, influenced a wide range of peoples who lived nearby or conquered as a result of wars. These tribes, partly voluntarily, partly under duress, adopted the customs of the first Hellenes, then the Romans - they were Hellenized and Latinized.

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