Zur Sprachphilosophie. Die "Logische", "Lokalistische" und Andere Kasustheorien
Paperback: 160
Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: German
ISBN: 9780649779260
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Zur Sprachphilosophie. Die "Logische", "Lokalistische" und Andere Kasustheorien

Dr. Anton Marty

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Books about Social Philosophy consider social behavior and the analysis of society and its institutions, based on a framework of ethical values. Titles include: Jeremy Bentham: his life and work, Hegelianism and personality, Studies in the Hegelian dialectic, and Life, Teachings, and Death of Socrates: From Grote's History of Greece.

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Books about Philosophical and Political Movements discuss the nature of frameworks of beliefs in philosophical thought or political orientation. Philosophical viewpoints are likely to spill over into political movements, ie ways of viewing the world, and how problems should be addressed. Titles include: A First Book in Metaphysics, A Primer of Philosophy, An introduction to Kant's critical philosophy, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities, Arthur Schopenhauer: his life and his philosophy, Chief ancient philosophies. Stoicism, Das Historische in Kants Religionsphilosophie, and English Philosophers. Bacon.

And in this Book

Books on Philosophy consider the ideas of philosophers through the ages about fundamentals of human values and existence, and how they play out in the activities and behaviors of human beings. Titles include: A brief history of Greek philosophy, A Primer of Philosophy, An Essay in Practical Philosophy; Relations of Wisdom and Purpose, A study of Kant's psychology with reference to the critical philosophy, A short history of Celtic philosophy, An Examination of the Philosophy of the Unknowable as Expounded by Herbert Spencer, Chief ancient philosophies. Stoicism, Das Historische in Kants Religionsphilosophie, Der Einfluß Hegels auf die Bildung der Gedankenwelt Hippolyte Taines, Der Metaphysische Grundgedanke der Heraklitischen Philosophie. Inaugural Dissertation, Die Philosophie in der Staatsprüfung, Free Will and Four English Philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Hume and Mill, Hegel, as the National Philosopher of Germany, and Modern Thinkers and Present Problems: An Approach to Modern Philosophy Through Its History.

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