Russia in 1916
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ISBN: 9780649254224
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Russia in 1916

Stephen Graham

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Books on the History of Korea reveal that it was deeply influenced by Buddhist culture. As the Mongol Empire disintegrated in the 13th century, the Joseon dynasty emerged, and lasted up to 1910, when Japan annexed the country. Since 1948 Korea has been divided at the 38th Parallel. Titles include: Korea treaties and agreements, and Korean Treaties.

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The early 20th century, prior to the Russian Revolution, was Russia's Silver Age of Drama, adding to the stock of plays that existed previously. Examples are, The black maskers, The life of man, and The sabine women by Leonid Andreyev.

And in this Book

Books about Russian and Former Soviet Union poetry are dominated by Russian poetry, particularly those from the 19th century. Other poetry in this category derives from Ukraine, Belarus, and a number of other countries that were formerly part of the Soviet and Russian empires. Titles include: Poems selected from Karamzin, Pushkin, Tyutchev, Lermontov, Count A. Tolstoy, Nikitin, Pleshcheyev, Nadson, and Sologub, and Russian songs and lyrics: being faithful translations of selections from some of the best Russian poets.

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This book was brilliant.

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