Materials for German Composition; based on storm's "Immensee"
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Materials for German Composition; based on storm's "Immensee"

James Taft Hatfield

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Books on the History of Germany often begin with an examination of Germania, which defied the Roman Empire. In the Late Middle Ages, German Catholicism in the Holy Roman Empire was split by the Luther led the Reformation, and fought a Thirty Years' War. The late 19th century industrial development of the German Empire culminated in the tragedy of World War 1, which was followed by the rise of Nazism and World War 2. Titles include: The Agricola and Germany of Tacitus: And the Dialogue on Oratory, Germany in the later Middle Ages, 1200-1500, Imperator Et Rex, William II. Of Germany, History of Prussia;Under Frederic the Great, History of the Germanic Empire, Alsace-Lorraine under German rule, A German Deserter's War Experience, Die isoilerung deutschlands, Der Freiherr vom Stein und die Deutsche Frage auf dem Wiener Congresse, Die Herkunft der Deutschen, and Der kampf des hauses Braunschweig-Lüneburg mit Hamburg um die Elbe vom l6.-18 jahrhundert.

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Continental Europe has a long standing drama tradition, including Austrian, Italian and French opera, and plays dating from the German Romanticism of the 19th century, and French Romanticism of the same period. Some examples of European drama include: Aida, La Sonnambula, Die Verkaufte Braut, Don Carlos, Elektra, La Bohème, Lakmé, Mary Stuart, "Salome", The Blue Bird, Véronique, The Flying Dutchman, A Doll's House and Der Snob.

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Books about Travel in Germany describe travel, tourism and adventures in this central-northern European country that has is known for rolling countryside and castles, and was the scene of devastation in World War 2. Titles include: Germany, Germany in the War and After, Süd-Tirol; Land und Leute vom Brenner bis zur Salurner Klause, Travels in the Confederation, 1783-1784, Der Rhein als Schicksal oder Das Problem der Volker, Geschichte der Stadt Danzig, and Aus der Vorzeit Reutlingens und Seiner Umgegend.

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