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Books About Music

Music has accompanied people since time immemorial, and musicians have become symbols of their eras. The minstrels sang in France, vagrants roamed England. But like other sciences and arts, music needs to be learned. Trieste Publishing will be happy to help you with this. Here you can find a variety of books about music: reference books, manuals on playing musical instruments, textbooks on world musicians.

What songs were popular a hundred years ago? And two hundred? What composers taught to play kings and were popular among the people? These questions usually begin with the study of music in schools. As it is important for a literary critic to know the names of classics, so a musician must constantly replenish his luggage and be familiar with the field of music. In addition, you need to constantly develop musical hearing, memory and mastery of music. Trieste Publishing offers readers textbooks on solfeggio, a series of music textbooks, and for connoisseurs of fiction - biographies of outstanding singers and composers.|

It seems that no one is surprised by the knowledge of "Dog Waltz". "Yes, of course," said someone who had tried to play the piano at least once. Not to mention the guitar, accordion, violin or even organ. However, as you know, the most important thing is to start and then… Play Bach on two accordions or perform a series of sketches like a real jazzman? By choosing special books on how to create music at Trieste Publishing, you will take the first steps towards your goal. Romances for piano, pieces for accordion and classical guitar, exercises for violin… We have training programs for playing the most popular instruments.

Among the many books published by Trieste Publishing, everyone can find what they like. Come and choose books for your musical taste!

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