The Show at Washington
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Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649501656
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The Show at Washington

Louis Arthur Coolidge
James Burton Reynolds

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Books about the History of the United States in the Colonial Period cover the European colonies (which were of English, French, Spanish, and Dutch origin), through their consolidation under British rule up to the American War of Independence. Titles include: Jacques Marquette et la DÈcouverte de la VallÈe du Mississipi, The English People Overseas. The American Colonies, 1583-1763, Pioneers of the Old South: A Chronicle of English Colonial Beginnings, Under a Colonial Roof-Tree; Fireside Chronicles of Early New England, British Royal Proclamations Relating to America, 1603-1783, and White servitude in the Colony of Virginia.

Also in this Book

Books about the Revolutionary Period in the United States examine the 1775-1783 rebellion of the 13 British colonies against the United Kingdom. It became known as the American War of Independence. Titles include: Americans of 1776, Administration of the American Revolutionary Army, The New England Clergy and the American Revolution, Haym Salomon: The Financier of the Revolution : an Unwritten Chapter in American History, Journal of Colonel George Washington, commanding a detachment of Virginia troops, Letters of Brunswick and Hessian Officers During the American Revolution, The French in America During the War of Independence of the United States, 1777-1783, The Grip of Honor: A Story of Paul Jones and the American Revolution, and The Revolution of America.

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Books on the History of the United States often begin with the discoveries of Christopher Columbus in 1492, which led to the establishment of a number of colonies on current US territory by the UK, Holland, Spain and France. These were consolidated under British rule, but the colonies broke free in the American War of Independence, 1775–1783. Other outstanding periods of US history include the American Civil War, conquest of the West and industrial growth, World War 1, the Great Depression, World War 2, and the Cold War. Titles include: Novelties of the New World; Or, The Adventures and Discoveries of the First Explorers of North America, A Guide to the Study of the History and the Constitution of the United States, A History of the United States, New Viewpoints in American History, The beginner's American history, Women of Colonial and Revolutionary Times; Catherine Schuyler, The Power of Ideals in American History, Early pioneer days in Texas, Catechism of the history of the United States, Broad stripes and bright stars; and Stories of American history.

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