The Postulates of English Political Economy
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ISBN: 9780649512140
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The Postulates of English Political Economy

Walter Bagehot

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Books about Contemporary Political Science discuss the issues that determine how countries, and communities are governed, draws on fields such as history, economics and philosophy. Titles include: English Socialism of To-Day: Its Teaching and Its Aims Examined, Popular Government; Four Essays (1885), The League of Nations at work, Why men fight; a method of abolishing the international duel, The veto power, its origin, development and function in the government of the United States (1789-1889), and Representative Government in England; Its Faults and Failures.

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Books about Political Ideology describe the principles and ideals that are the driving forces of social movements of various kinds that group together under the heading of a political party or ideology. Such political groupings may represent different social, racial, ethnic, commercial or other grouping. Titles include: A Traveller in War-Time; With an Essay on the American Contribution and the Democratic Idea, Christian Socialism in the Church of England, Democracy and Social Change, Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the Reformation, Fabian essays in socialism, German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle, Greek Oligarchies, Their Character and Organisation, Karl Marx and modern socialism, Karl Marx and the Close of His System: A Criticism, Soviet Marxism, a critical analysis, The Anarchists: A Picture of Civilization at the Close of the Nineteenth Century, The Rights of Property, a Refutation of Communism & Socialism, True and False Democracy, and The Strength and Weakness of Socialism.

And in this Book

Books about Legal History analyze how the law has evolved over time, and the legal concepts, societal shifts, and circumstances that underpinned the changes that have occurred. Titles include: Outlines of legal history, A Sketch of English Legal History, Les Corporations D'Avocats Sous L'Empire Romain, Festgabe der Leipziger Juristenfakultät für Dr. Karl Binding zum 7. August 1913, Problems of the Roman criminal law, Vol. I, The Beecher Trial: A Review of the Evidence, and The growth of the English constitution from the earliest times.

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