Luther and the reformation: the life-springs of our liberties
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Luther and the reformation: the life-springs of our liberties

Joseph A. Seiss

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About the Book

Books about Lutheranism describe the history, beliefs and practices of the Protestant Church that identifies with the German theologian Martin Luther, whose work led the Protestant Reformation in the Holy Roman Empire. Titles include: A History of Lutheran Missions, Life of Martin Luther, Luther's Table talk, Luthers Bekanntschaft mit den Alten Classikern: Ein Beitrag zur Lutherforschung, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, "Patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America", The Lutheran church in the country; a study, an explanation, an attempted solution, The Political Theories of Martin Luther, The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church, and What the world owes Luther.

Also in this Book

There are a number of Biographical titles that cover Historical Personages and are also reference works that provide insights into historical periods. Examples include: Millard Fillmore, Samuel Pepys, Michael Servetus, Nancy Hanks, Thomas Platter, Jean Ango, Henry Bell, and Anna Green Winslow.

And in this Book

Books about Christian Theology discuss the philosophical and scriptural basis of Christian beliefs and practices. Based on the Old and New Testaments, theologians have applied philosophical analysis and argumentation in the course of their work. Titles include: Brief Outline of the Study of Theology, Christian Theology and Modern Scepticism, Crown Theological Library. Evolution in Christian Doctrine. Vol. XLI, David Hume and his influence on philosophy and theology, Paulinism: A Contribution to the History of Primitive Christian Theology, and The doctrine of the church in Scottish theology.

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Posted on 29.03.2021

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Posted on 11.09.2020

I really liked this book. More like a 4.5 for me

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Posted on 05.11.2018

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