List of parish registers and other genealogical works
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List of parish registers and other genealogical works

Frederick Arthur Crisp

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Books about Genealogy discuss the family trees of names and family lines, tracing the relationships between ancestors through historical documents, local histories, items, memoirs, books, oral interviews, and scientific analysis. Titles include: A Genealogical and Biographical Record of the Savery Families, A Genealogical History of the Concord Harwoods Descendants of Nathaniel Harwood, A Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery, A Genealogy of Six Generations of Gemmills in America, A genealogy of the Allen family from 1568 to 1882, A history of the Allerton family in the United States. 1585 to 1885, A History of the Phoenix Park Patriots: Brady, Curley, Caffrey, Fagan, Kelly, Poole, O'Donnell, A Record of the Cope Family, A sketch of the Munro clan, An Account of the Descendants of Thomas Orton, of Windsor, Connecticut, 1641, Brooks family records, Descendants of Andrew Webber, 1763-1845, Early Irish in old Albany, N.Y., and English Heraldry; With Four Hundred and Fifty Illustrations.

Also in this Book

Books that are a Catalog, or Catalogue, can refer to the catlogs that contain a listing of the books contained in a library or about almost any topic that requires classification and / or categorization, including art exhibitions and music collections. Titles include: A Catalogue of Italian Renaissance Woodcuts, A Catalogue of the Birds of the West Indies, A Catalogue of the Original Works of John Wyclif, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Historical Manuscripts in the Arabic and Persian Languages, Catalogue of Etchings and Dry-points, Catalogue of the Castellani collection of antiquities in the University Galleries, Oxford, Catalogue of the plants of Los Angeles county, Flora of Norfolk: A Catalogue of Plants Found in the County of Norfolk, and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Catalogue of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Vases.

And in this Book

Titles in this category are Biographies and Auto-biographies that reflect the cultural heritage of a nation. For example the memoirs of a Malayan Family will provide insights into the culture of Malaya. Similarly, the life experiences of an immigrant to the United States, will contribute to an understanding of the cultural heritage of the country.

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