Le Canada et les Canadiens-Français Pendant la Guerre Franco-Prussienne
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ISBN: 9780649774715
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Le Canada et les Canadiens-Français Pendant la Guerre Franco-Prussienne

Faucher de Saint -Maurice

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Books about the History of Canada examine the period from the migrations of the Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago. From about 1600 French and British colonizers fought over the territory of Canada, with the latter gaining control in the end. At the time of the American Revolution, Canada maintained its loyalty to the United Kingdom. Titles for this category include: Cartographie de la Nouvelle France: Suppløent a l'Ouvrage de M. Harrisse, Les Illustrations Canadiennes: Première Serie, 1494-1676, Chouart et Radisson: odyssée de deux Canadiens-français au XVIIe siècle, The First English Conquest of Canada, History of the campaign for the conquest of Canada in 1776, The Makers of Canada; Sir Frederick Haldimand, and Narrative of the Fenian Invasion of Canada.

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Books about the Military History of Canada begin with warfare between its indigenous tribes. The British defeated the French in Canada, and the Northern Colonies didn't participate in the American Revolution against the United Kingdom. After the War of 1812 Canadian provinces enjoyed a period of relative peace, culminating in the Canadian Confederation in 1867. Canadian forces made a significant contribution on the Western Front in World War 1, and Canadian forces also contributed during World War 2. Titles include: Les Muses de la Nouvelle-France. A Monseignevr le Chancellier, The Fall of Canada: A Chapter in the History of the Seven Years' War, and A Journal of the expedition to Quebec, in the year 1775, under the command of Colonel Benedict Arnold.

And in this Book

Books about Travel to Canada describe travel, tourism and adventures in the great Canadian lands that are mountainous, or covered in forests, tundra and lakes. Titles include: Chiploquorgan: Or, Life by the Camp Fire in Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland, Journal of Charles Carroll of Carrolton: During His Visit to Canada, in 1776, Of Toronto the good. A social study. The Queen City of Canada as it is, Rambles of a Canadian Naturalist, The tragedy of the Klondike: this book of travels gives the true facts of what took place in the gold-fields under British rule, Through Canada with a kodak, Travels and Experiences in Canada, the Red River Territory and the United States.

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