Landmarks, Medical and Surgical
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ISBN: 9780649516193
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Landmarks, Medical and Surgical

Luther Holden

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About the Book

Books about the History of Medicine shows examine how medical science has progressed over centuries to address the diseases, illnesses and ailments that have afflicted populations. Titles include: A History of Epidemic Pestilences from the Earliest Ages, Biography: Pioneer work in opening the medical profession to women, Diphtheria, as It Prevailed in the United States from 1860 to 1866, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (1738-1814), Folk-Medicine; A Chapter in the History of Culture, and Birth Injuries of the Child.

Also in this Book

Books about Medicine and Medical Diagnosis discuss methods used by doctors to diagnose the medical condition that is the root cause of the observed symptoms. Titles include: A manual of clinical ophthalmology, A Manual of Osteopathy, A Pocket Manual of Percussion and Auscultation for Physicians and Students, Eyesight: Good & Bad. A Treatise on the Exercise and Preservation of Vision, Modern Medicine: A Lecture Delivered October 7th, 1872, The Treatment of Pleurisy and Pneumonia, Treatise on Spermatorrhea, Impotence, and Sterility, and A socio-cognitive model of technology evolution: the case of cochlear implants.

And in this Book

Books about Medical Research consider the work of medical researchers and scientists who advance medical knowledge that can assist in the treatment of diseases and other ills. Titles include: An Experimental Study of Sleep, History of science and technology program. Early history of nuclear medicine, A Popular Treatise on Medical Electricity, Experimental Physiology, and Modern Developments in Medicine.

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