How to Obtain Happiness and Health, No. I
Paperback: 116
Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9780649024834
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How to Obtain Happiness and Health, No. I

John J. Snyder

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About the Book

Books on Healthy Living promote a life style that maintains and improves health and well-being, indicators of which include weight, cholestrol, and blood sugar levels. Examples of titles included for this category are: Health, and How to Promote It, Health Troubles of City Life, How to live 100 years and retain youth, health and beauty; a course of practical lessons in life culture, and The preservation of general health, with some remarks upon healthy skin.

Also in this Book

Books on Exercise Promote to readers the achievement or maintenance of fitness and overall health. For good health exercise is essential to develop and strengthen muscles, prevent aging, and heart disease. Titles in this category include: A Review of Swedish Gymnastics, An easy system of calisthenics and drilling, including light dumb-bell and Indian club exercises, Jackson's Gymnastics for the Fingers and Wrist, and The Tricycle in Relation to Health and Recreation.

And in this Book

Books relating to Men's Health are aimed specifically at issues that impact on men's health, and on diseases specific to them. Examples of titles in the category are: Effects of Alcohol and Narcotics, On the Preservation of the Health of Seamen, and The secret of health without drugs.

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