Das Monopol der Schweizerischen Nationalbank und Die Grenzen der Geldausgabe
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Das Monopol der Schweizerischen Nationalbank und Die Grenzen der Geldausgabe

Silvio Gesell

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Titles in this category are on Banks and Banking. The history and operations of Banks and Banking are presented in a number of titles. Financial deposit taking institutions have played a fundamental role in capital markets, and have come under regulatory controls. Historical origins of these institutions date from 14th century Renaissance Italy, although they had their antecedents in ancient societies. Individual topics range widely, including: Theory and History of Banking, Insurance, Mercantile Securities, Central banking, Banking law, the Bank of England, and Deutsche Hypothekenbanken.

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Reference books on Economics topics include: Guide to the Law of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, and the list of the country-bankers of England and Wales.

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