Criminals and Crime: Some Facts and Suggestions
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Publisher: Trieste Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9781760572068
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Criminals and Crime: Some Facts and Suggestions

Sir Robert Anderson

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About the Book

This category is about Biographies and Autobiographies relating to Criminals and outlaws relate to those individuals who have committed crimes against humanity or the state. Some examples of criminals include Fernando Wood, and Jared Flagg.

Also in this Book

There are a number of Biographical titles that cover Historical Personages and are also reference works that provide insights into historical periods. Examples include: Millard Fillmore, Samuel Pepys, Michael Servetus, Nancy Hanks, Thomas Platter, Jean Ango, Henry Bell, and Anna Green Winslow.

And in this Book

Our Biographies and Autobiographies about Politicians and other Notable People relate the stories of those who were active in party politics, or government, or had otherwise distinguished themselves in society, science, business or economics. There is a long list of eclectic titles in this category, including: Ezra Cornell, Thomas Chittenden, Alexander Hamilton, Sir Jagadis C. Bose, Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, The Countess of Albany, Darius the Great, Henry Ford, Jeanne d'Arc, Joseph Pilsudski, Karl Marx, Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, Oliver Cromwell, Sir Robert Peel, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Edward Manning, George Washington, Thomas A. Edison, and Thomas Jefferson.

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I had a really tough time reading this book.

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