China as it really is
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China as it really is


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About the Book

Book about the History of China describe events from the time of the Shang dynasty (1250BC) through the many Chinese dynasties and empires that followed. Eventually, after several Western power interventions, the Republic of China was subjected to Japanese occupation up to 1945, and a subsequent civil war led to Communist control that has persisted to the present day. Titles in this category include: An outline history of China; Part I; From the earliest times to the Manchu conquest A. D. 1644, An Outline History of China: Part II: From the Manchu Conquest to the Recognition of the Republic A. D. 1913, China and Christianity, The Rise and Progress of British Opium Smuggling, History of the Pirates who Infested the China Sea from 1807-1810, and Sun Yat Sen and the Awakening of China.

Also in this Book

Books about Travel in China are mainly dated prior to the beginnings of the Communist government in the late 1940s, or after 1970, when China began to develop a very successful tourism industry. Titles include: Der Chinesische Teppich, The Logbook of the Captain's Clerk: Adventures in the China Seas, and Everyday Life in China: Or, Scenes Along River and Road in Fuh-Kien, America in the China Relief Expedition.

And in this Book

Books about Asian poetry span a number of countries, and have a very ancient tradition, with most titles in the collection relating to the Indian, Chinese and Japanese poetic traditions. Titles include: A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems, The sisters of the spinning wheel, and other Sikh poems, The spirit of Japanese poetry, Japanese Hokkus, Wisdom of the East. A Lute of Jade. Being Selections from the Classical Poets of China, and The Works of Li Po, the Chinese Poet.

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One of my favorite authors.

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