George  Horne

George Horne

George Horn (November 1, 1730 - January 17, 1792) was an English churchman, scholar, writer, and administrator of the university. Horn was born in Otham near Maidstone, in Kent, the eldest surviving son of Rev. Samuel Horne (1693-1768), the rector of the ward, and his wife Anna (1697-1787), the youngest daughter of Boyer Handley. He attended Maidstone Grammar School with his cousin and lifelong friend William Stevens, the son of his father's sister Margaret, and from there he entered University College at Oxford in 1746 (BA 1749; MA 1752; DD 1764). Three contemporaries in college were friends for life: Charles Jenkinson, later the first Earl of Liverpool, William Jones of Nyland. and John Moore, later Archbishop of Canterbury. His two younger brothers were also graduates and clergymen of Oxford, Samuel Horn (1733 - 1772) became an Oxford academician, and William Horn (1740 - 1821) replaced his father as rector of Otam.

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